Morocco Buying Trip 2012

2 min read

"The old Medinas of these towns have a Biblical feel. Clay and stone buildings crowd the streets and alleys, causing them to twist and turn in wonderful ways. Horses and donkeys seem to be everywhere, and all the people seem to know one another."

5 Ways to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle in Your Own Household

3 min read

In this article, we give you 5 simple ways to practice the three R’s in your household daily routine, so you can immediately cut down on the amount of waste that you throw away.

Travel with Us - Ubud, Bali

2 min read

 You may want to visit the kings former residence and palace to see the Ramayana Ballet which is performed on the palace grounds nightly and features Hindu-inspired dancers performing scenes from the ballet.  

Shipment Arrival Day at the Bazaar

4 min read

After many long months of waiting for our product from Thailand, and our first shipment from Bali, they both arrived back to back last week! Shipment days which only happen about 4-5 times a year are some of the most exciting days at the Bazaar. Loads of furniture, home décor, paintings and more...

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