Ady Crafts - Reflecting on their Roots

3 min read

"it’s important to understand that everything is done by hand so they value the work." Says owner Jorge Enrique Arzola Salamanca when talking about their 27 year old business.

Asking the Artisans - Ceramica Cruz Blanca

6 min read

Inspiration is in no short supply, in Santo Santiago, patron saint of Tonalá, who was the first craftsman, and in general in the Tonalteca tradition, for example, the tradition of the tastoanes.

Q & A With Focus Designs

4 min read

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from internet, a place we have visited and maybe some of our customers’ requests when they have unique ideas and we decide to keep making them!

Q & A with Vika Shop

3 min read

In my place there is lots of green space. The people living in the village are very friendly, and every month there are ceremonies were we meet with all the family. The kids like that, because they meet with the family and play together with the other kids

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