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Meet the Team

An amazing group of people are the heart and soul of this phenomenal experience!

(plus Lizzie, our office pup :))

It truly takes a team to get the Bazaar ready for everyone year after year. We go from just a few core people working on buying, the website and online orders during the colder months to a team of 40 - 50 during the Bazaar! Not to forget all of the staff at our amazing vendors either.

Here are some of the faces behind the magic!

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Owner & General Manager

Entrepreneur hooked on uplifting artisans, camping enthusiast and talented basketballer.

Anneka Bakker

Former Owner/ Mamabear to All

Yogi, cyclist and all around heart and soul of the Bazaar with an encyclopedic knowledge of product.

Peggy Bakker

Handyman Extraordinaire

Clean energy activist, carpet connoisseur, reacher of tall things. formerly known as the "Money Man"

Dick Bakker

Merchandizing Wizard

If you come the Bazaar and take pleasure in the aesthetic layout you can thank this lady! An eye for design for 20 years she's given the Bazaar its distinct vibe.

Brenda Cavacciuti

Outgoing Operations Lead

Powered by 90's punk/grunge and truly a jill of all trades but our jewellery maven for 13 years. She's Peggy's adopted daughter.

Jordan Horlin

Operations & Display Lead

Clothing and Jewellery is her game, Kayla is her name. New to the team but bringing big ideas, she's jumping in feet first to take on an ever expanding role in operations and display. She is always happy spending time with her dog Holly

Kayla Buzzell

Marketing & E-Commerce Lead

Creative strategist with a background as a professional photographer who brings a discerning eye to brand image. You can often find her outdoors enjoying the beauty nature has to offer.

Shauna Wiseman


The new moneyman, he puts his talents as an accountant to work making sure the Bazaar has the capital to support more and more artisans. He takes a keen interest in fishing for crayfish in the Rideau!

Dave White

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