Embera Panamanian Woven Mask - Medium Eagle Embera Panamanian Woven Mask - Bird of Prey Embera Panamanian Woven Mask - Parrot Embera Panamanian Woven Mask - Toucan Embera Panamanian Woven Mask - Black Chimpanzee

A special collection

Embera Panamanian Woven Mask

We had the great oppourtunity to acquire some fantastic product from South America including these incredible woven mask made by the Embera women of Panama! Each mask is handwoven from sustainably sourced palm leaves, dried, sun-bleached, and naturally dyed deep within Panama's tropical forests.

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For over forty years we've built our business on fair trade practises and working in partnership with the talented artisans of countries like India, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, Egypt and many more. We believe in the beauty of seeing raw materials come to life in the hands of artisans who have honed their often traditional crafts handed down from generation to generation. We know these people and their families, and have watched children grow up and take over from parents. This is what is so special to our business.

Through your purchase, you're empowering these artisans by giving them an outlet for their work to reach far beyond their home borders, all the while supporting them and their families in a sustainable way.

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