Jewellery from Bali and the Hill Tribes of Thailand has always been a favourite among jewellery lovers for its pureness in silver and the artistry of the craftspeople who make it.  It tends to be a family affair in Bali where multiple generations of a single-family will be working as silversmiths. Much of the work continues to be traditional in its use of basic tools and methods.
Thai artists from the Hill Tribes of the northern part of Thailand are truly experts at their craft and continue to gain a reputation for their creativity and intricate craftsmanship. Like Bali, it is a family business with many members helping in creating silver beads, pendants, earrings and other pieces. The processes used by the roughly 20 different tribes that make up the Hill Tribes are similar to what is used in Bali but the style is distinctively Thai.
Made mostly by hand and with some of the finest silver and artistry on the planet Bali and Thai silver jewellery truly stand out amongst a sea of options and we hope you will enjoy this curated collection.

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