Ceramics are a favourite here at the Bazaar, and we are in no short supply of beautiful creations from Mexico and Thailand.

Mexican talavera style pieces from Talavera La Costeñita, located in Tonála, Mexico, are known as some one of the oldest techniques of tin-glazed ceramics and can be used to create pots, mugs, and decorative pieces.

Coming from Chiang Mai, Thailand, one of our new ceramic collections is from Prempracha, which is a leading manufacturer of stoneware ceramics in the country that blend Eastern and Western styles of design and ceramic knowledge to create unique pieces.

Working with ceramics dates back hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and is very much rooted in family, as skills and techniques are passed down through generations.

New designs and materials are used to bring modern ideas to life, but the teachings of ceramics are rooted in tradition. 

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