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Meet Our Neighbours


A new coffee, drink and food experience in the heart of Manotick.


Monday - Closed

Tuesday/Wednesday - 8-2p

Thursday/ 8 -5p

Friday/ 8-8p

Saturday/ 8-5p

Sunday/ 9-3p

5546 Manotick Main Street, Ottawa, ON, K4M 1B3


Tel: 613-692-2322

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: Closed (except during the Third World Bazaar dates when we are OPEN)

Phone: (613) 822-1659

1004 Manotick Station Rd, Manotick Station, ON K4M 1B2

Bakker’s General Store has been in the Bakker family for over 50 years, and has been an integral part of Manotick Station for over 125 years. At various times it has been a Post Office, a Feed Depot, a Market Garden and Gas Station, in addition to being a General Store. It is now run by Henry and his family, and is located on the same farm right next to the Third World Bazaar.

Bakker’s General Store and European Deli specializes in European imports, primarily from Holland, Poland, Russia, Belgium and Switzerland. We carry fine products such as Dutch Licorice, Gouda Cheese, Polish Sausages, English Double Devon Cream, Russian Pelmini & Caviar and Indonesian Spices. If you are looking for fine meats, chesses, jams, chocolates, European juices, fish and other tasty things you can not normally find, drop by and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Black Dog Bistro is located in the heart of the village of Manotick.

Phone: 613-692-3779

5540 Main Street, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A6

Fabulous gardens sweep to the water at the Chilvers Bed & Breakfast, nestled in a village setting in South Ottawa.

Phone: 613-692-3731

5220 McLean Crescent, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1G2

The Fitness Lab: A community of like-minded people that have come together to create positive change physically, mentally and emotionally. A place to sweat and connect for anyone and everyone who wants in. 

We offer a one-stop shop where you can get all 3 fundamentals of fitness under one roof — Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility  — in a facility that is inclusive to all ages, body shapes and fitness levels.

Manotick: 5536 Ann St. Manotick, ON, K4M 1A0

tel.: 613.692.9000


If you visited the Bazaar the 2021 season you may have tried these delish tacos and burritos!

Always Freshly Made“…For a taste of authentic and delicious Mexican food this summer, stop by La Cantina Streatery give yourself a new, exciting and delicious experience.”OCV News: The Virtual Voice

5474 Osgoode Main St, Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0

Summer Hours M-S 11-7PM

Phone:(613) 826-3636

Lindsay and McCaffrey was founded in 1933 by Ken Lindsay and Del McCaffrey. It started as a general store making available to the public their cattle feed, gin pills, horse saddles and all other sorts of goodies. Through out the years Lindsay and McCaffrey built up a clientele of loyalty that has lasted through the years even after the passing of Del McCaffrey in 1980.

To this day Del’s legacy continues to live on as the business continues in the name of Lindsay and McCaffrey. Though we may no longer carry cattle feed or gin pills, we strive to make sure that there is something for everyone, as loyalty to this business has never ceased.

Phone: 613-692-3368

1160 Beaverwood Road, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A7

The Mill Tavern brings you the traditional comforts of the classic UK corner pub in the middle of Manotick. Wonderful food and service.

Phone: 613-692-1686

P.O. Box 414 Manotick, Ontario, Canada K4M 1A4

Surround yourself with an abundance of creativity and beauty at Mill Street Florist. Located in Manotick, Ontario, Canada, Mill Street Florist is a European-style floral boutique 15 minutes south of Ottawa on the historic Rideau Canal.

Phone: 613-692-5000

1136 Mill Street, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A9

Since 1987, The Miller’s Oven has been a popular eating spot for breakfast, lunch or coffee in a heritage 2-story house in the heart of the village. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere combined with reasonable prices which bring people back again and again. The dedicated volunteers are always friendly and helpful and create a homey environment to match the antique furniture. The food and kitchen is clean and right at one end of the largest room.

Phone: (613)692-4304

1137 Mill Street, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A9

We serve traditional food with global flavours.  At the Red Dot, we cook delicious meals that summon memories of home. The inspiration for our menu comes from family suppers and our favourite comfort foods.
We combine these familiar foods with new flavours to create distinctive and savoury plates. From soul satisfying soups to slow cooked aged meats, our food is traditional – but our flavours are not!

Phone: 613-826-0552

5673 Main Street, Osgoode, Ontario, KOA 2W0

McDonough's Independent is a local grocer in the heart of Manotick.

Phone: 613-692-2828

1160 Beaverwood Road, Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A5

Butterfly Sky Farms is a small,  family run farm which has grown out of rented facilities in Manotick Station and Kemptville, Ontario.  We started up in 2006, we grow year round, and have always specialized in growing microgreen herbs and vegetables.  Our shoots and microgreens are greenhouse grown ( = Canada Food Inspection Agency regulated and inspected).  Our microgreen seeds are selected with care to ensure the best possible tastes and textures.  We don’t use treated seed, always non-GMO. Most of our seed varieties come from Canadian certified organic farms.

1034 Manotick Station Road, Manotick Station, Ontario, K4M 1B2

Arc Acres has the highest quality grass fed beef, through holistic farming methods.

1538 Manotick Station Road, Greely, Ontario K4P 1K4

Watson’s Mill is a unique 1860’s grist and flour mill located in Manotick, on the shores of the Rideau River.  A working industrial heritage site in greater Ottawa, it has a remarkable history linked to local politics, the building of a country, and a tragic love story.   The WMMI mandate is to preserve Watson’s Mill as a working historic grist and flour mill, and a social, cultural and educational focal point for the community and visitors.

Phone: 613-692-6455

5525 Dickinson Street Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1A2

Manotick BIA is a great resource to find unique shops, superb dining, while also learning about the rich history and culture of the vibrant village of Manotick.

P.O. Box 414 Manotick, Ontario, Canada K4M 1A4

Swan on the Rideau, our English style pub and restaurant. Built in the late 1960s by the Bond family as a manor for the marina, the Swan’s authentic post and beam construction is a replication of original buildings in England. The beams and timbers are over 100 years old, even though the building is just approaching it’s 50th birthday.

Phone: 613-692-4550

2730 River Road Manotick, Ontario, K4M 1B3

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