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“To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try.” - Rosa Parks


We buy the majority of our products directly from the artisans and craftspeople in the source countries.

Since 2004, the Bakker family has traveled to, and purchased directly from producers, in Kenya, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand Cambodia, Turkey, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba. We also supplement our inventory with purchases from Canadian based wholesalers who travel to other countries. Where possible we attempt to buy from importers with similar business practices and who are certified Fair Trade. We also source certain craft items from Canadian producers directly.

During our travels we attempt to source products that reflect our interest in culture, craftsmanship and history. The world is a varied and interesting place with many different things to offer; we hope you can find something that reflects your interests as well, at the One World Bazaar.


In our effort to limit unnecessary waste, and particularly plastics, you will notice that many goods will be packaged in reused products. Our recent trip to Kenya highlighted how far along some countries are in this battle. In 2017, Kenya banned all plastic bags and a large amount of single use plastic products. The effects have been drastic with significant improvements to pollution and waste management capacity.

Shipping product around the world involves a lot of packing materials. Every year we have made a concerted effort to reuse as much of the original packing material as possible. This does involve a little extra work and organization on our part, but it also reduces costs, lowers waste and enables us to keep our prices low. We hope you will understand and appreciate why your art work is wrapped in reused paper.

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