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Back to the Beginning with Stone Beads

March 03, 2023 2 min read

Back to the Beginning with Stone Beads

Stone jewellery that forms a rock solid foundation

Whether you’re getting ready for date night, heading into the office or plan on hanging out at home, the right pieces of jewellery can complete any look.

If you’ve popped into our Jewellery Room at One World Bazaar you’ve likely already browsed some pieces made by Plan Sukanya – owner of the shop Stone Beads. 

She’s created a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets for every occasion. From simple earrings to big, bold necklaces…  But before she was able to amass the large catalogue of jewellery she sells at Stone Beads today, she started out by teaching herself the basic designs.  Self-starter The main way Plan was able to learn was by observing and studying prototypes that customers would bring in. They’d share their ideas of what they’d like and would bring her pieces of jewellery that were similar to what they wanted. 

She was able to create custom pieces based off of those conversations.  She also makes sure to stay on top of the current trends that are popular. This allows her to create jewellery she knows there’ll be an interest in.  With help from her mom and sister, she’s able to keep up with specific customer requests as well as having a steady supply of more common, popular designs on hand.  

Back to Business   

While the Chatuchak Market was closed for a few months during the pandemic, it was increasingly harder to get the raw materials used to create the jewellery. Most of the glass beads used come from within Thailand, but there are others that come from China, Nepal and India. Same with the silver and wood materials, some comes from within Thailand but most are imported from other countries.  As many of you already know, international shipping has been backlogged for quite some time now, but Plan is hopeful that things will go back to normal soon enough. When asked about what she loves about where she is, she shared that 

“it's the birthplace of people to start businesses. It's easy to start. It's an area with a variety of people and a lot of products. I want you to try and get to know Chatuchak Market. The work and ideas from people in the market are diverse. They have come to support people who have come to start anew.” 


 If you’ve been on the hunt for some new jewellery you might be able to find exactly what you’re looking for right here! Plan isn’t able to pick just one piece that’s her favourite. 

“I like almost every piece of work that I have done. Depending on the time period that at that time, what kind of work was involved in. It's a hit period of what's trending during different seasons.” 

Do you have a favourite piece from Stone Beads?!    

Mala Bead Bracelet (8mm)- Amethyst 


Mala Bead Bracelet (8mm)- Howlite 


Jes Baldwin
Jes Baldwin

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