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A Business Sense for Incense

May 29, 2024 2 min read

hands holding up bags of incense cones

capturing  natures best  scents 

Burning incense is something people have been doing to a very long time. 

Places all over the world use whatever raw materials are available to make incense sticks, cones and/or balls.       Resin balls were actually found in many prehistoric Egyptian tombs. One of the oldest extant incense burners originates from the 5th dynasty.    

Around 2000 BCE, China began using incense for religious purposes. It was made from blends of herbs and plants such as cinnamon and sandalwood, two fragrances that are still widely used today.   

The list goes on. There’s evidence of incense being used early on in India, Nepal, Japan, Israel, North America… practically everywhere! While the materials and fragrances vary, the uses are generally the same within most cultures. One of the main reasons is simply that we get to enjoy the pleasant smell. 

 Fragrances from Thailand  

 One World Bazaar has a variety of incense sticks, cones and holders that come from the shop found within the Chatuchak Market in Thailand. The owner, Oratai, and her sister learned how to make incense from their parents. They were able to adjust and develop the method they were taught until they were happy with the results.  

 There’s a lot of experimenting that happens in their shop! They’re always trying out new colours and fragrances to see which ones do the best. All of the raw materials are sourced locally and micro-batches are produced at their production site.   

Oratai says her favourite part is being able to see the entire process from start to finish.  “Seeing every step of the production of the product itself. Since it is not yet a piece until it's complete.” It’s a huge relief to her that they’re able to produce again. The home-grown factories had to stop production because of the global pandemic. Combing that with the fact that the market was closed for a while means that this is the first time in a long time that they’re able to produce and sell their products.  

  Where to Start  

The best part about incense is that there’s a fragrance for everyone. Oratai offers a wide range of products - warm, earthy and floral smells and thensome that are a bit lighter.  

If you’re not sure where to start, Oratai recommends trying their Grade A frankincense. “It's a piece that I think is worthwhile. It’s high quality and meet the needs of a lot of customers.” 

But she also encourages you to try a few different ones to make sure you find the one that best matches you. (the mixed bundle is a perfect place to start!) 

Whether you’re looking for something to use during meditation or simply want to freshen up your place, there’s something for you right here. You can browse their products below!

“Seeing every step of the production of the product itself. Since it is not yet a piece until it's complete.”

Scents of the World

Incense Cones - Mixes


Incense Holder - Small Flower


Incense Sticks Tube


Incense Sticks- Chypre


Jes Baldwin
Jes Baldwin

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