Travel Highlight - Tonalá Market

paper lanterns hang over a quiet street in mexico

Travel Highlight 

Tonalá Market

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

With the warmer spring weather finally here, we can’t help but reminisce about some of the places we were able to visit last year during our buying trip. The Tonalá Market in Mexico is one of our favourites!  There are around 4 000 vendors that spread out over dozens of streets and alleys (a 3 kilometre area) right in the heart of Tonalá during market days -every Thursday and Sunday. 

A variety of Mexican handicrafts are sold including Mexican glass pieces, furniture, clothing, talavera, mirrors and more. You can spend hours exploring all of the stalls and when you need a quick break you can stop by one of the food vendors for some delicious food and refreshments! While Anneka was at the market she was able to share some moments she had with vendors, including our mirror supplier. “These mirrors that I just bought are beautiful and the supplier is just so lovely. She was super happy to be able to get the order. 

This is the first order she has had in a while so that makes us feel really good.” Videos of her walking through the market give you a brief glimpse into how incredible the atmosphere is at the market. 

“It’s really busy during market day. You should see the amount of stalls, it goes on forever! I feel like we’ve only ever discovered a small percentage of this market in all of the days we’ve shopped here over the years.” 


We’re already excited for the possibility of her discovering new artisans during her next trip! The Tonalá Market is definitely something we recommend checking out if you’re ever in the area.  It can be very busy during market days so we suggest getting familiar with the area on a regular day and then return on a market day.    

But Tonala is worth the visit for more than just the market. Anneka found a very cool art gallery featuring pieces created by Sergio Bustamante. Sergio Bustamante, born in Culiacan, Sinaloa in 1949, is a Mexican sculptor best known for his funky human-like creatures and depictions of animals.  

Besides the art gallery, she also highly recommends stopping by some of the greenhouses within the city. It’s a great place to recharge after a busy day wandering the market.  

What are some of your favourite products made by artisans at the Tonalá Market?