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Exploring Turkey

2 min read

If you're looking for ideas for your next trip, you must consider Turkey. It is a historical city with an infusion of the modern world. 

First Buying Trip 05 Indonesia

3 min read

The Bazaar had just moved to Ottawa and Peggy needed to fill it with product, this is a retelling of their first trip as the new owners of Third World Bazaar!

Impressions of Thailand - 2006

2 min read

Chiang Mai itself was amazing, a completely different climate than that of Bangkok; it was a welcome surprise to us when we disembarked from the train that we could actually breath, the difference between the air quality was noticeable from Bangkok !


1 min read

We have been planning, and waiting and gathering our thoughts and photos over the last little while to be able to re-launch our once well read blog!

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