The Business of Bags

The Business of Bags

The Business of bags

You could get a mass produced bag that you’ll end up seeing every where you go… or you could have one of only a few handmade bags made by Preeda and Yuwadi. 

They own the shop within the Chatuchak Market in Thailand. It’s a small family business and some of their relatives offer extra help when it’s needed.  They graduated in the field of art but additionally, have studied in the field of production and have been continuously improving their skills to create and assemble bags.     

They make various styles including big tote bags, backpacks, fanny packs and smaller over the shoulder purses. All the materials used to make these bags are locally sourced, Preeda and Yuwadi place orders with suppliers throughout different provinces within Thailand.    

The bags are made from a thick material that’s sturdy and durable, making these perfect for carrying heavier items (laptops, cameras etc.) without stretching out the fabric. The leather straps and handles complement the colours and designs perfectly while making it comfortable to carry.    The designs and patterns are inspired by general trends they see in the market. The variety of buyers and sellers allow them to observe and be inspired by things they wouldn’t be able to see elsewhere. When a certain product does well they create different variations of that look with other styles of bags.    

 While the market was closed for some time, Preeda and Yuwadi were still designing and manufacturing products. They had a difficult time because the price of the materials they use increased and they were unable to sell their products immediately. But that didn’t stop them! Now they have plenty of products available and are hopeful because buyers are finally able to come back again.  

While we were visiting them, they shared that they want their customers to appreciate and feel good about the many handmade products of Thai people. They said it’s always a good feeling when you know that the customer is impressed with the products because a lot of time and intention goes into each piece.        

If you’re looking for a unique handmade bag, we highly recommend checking out the ones we got from Preeda and Yuwadi’s shop. You can also browse all of the other products made by Thailand artisans in our online store.