August 31, 2022 2 min read

The Allure 

of Alura

The furniture maker that ask, why waste wood?

Meet the man 

behind the magic

For over a decade now we have been visiting this fantastic shop in Tegallang, Gianyar District, Bali in Indonesia for the hospitality we receive and the unique, environmentally conscious furniture products the shop produces.  

Owned by Bima Satria Dewa and his Wife Rani Permata Sari with help from Mr. Wawa in the shop. They specialize in taking scrap wood and turning it into rustic furniture pieces of all shapes and sizing from tables, desk, seats, cabinets, consoles and more.

Mr. Bima Satria Dewa

When asked about the inspiration for the business Bima explains, “It is born out of a basic thought that leaving unproductive waste wood to decompose will release the same amount of carbon as they do in disposal burning chambers.”  

 Basically it be the same carbon footprint if not less to reuse the wood rather than let it go to a landfill. So that is what they do, rescue wood that is destined for the trash and turn it into useful pieces of furniture!

This means the material comes from all over the place including, old wooden houses, boats, truck sides, naturally fallen trees, wood from non-wood producing factories. “Our products are very environmentally friendly!” Bima beams with pride.

His shop is very conveniently located and on a main strip visible to the throngs of tourist that normally visit the area with Ubud just down the road a ways.

“If our business is smooth from start to finish then costumers benefit greatly from shopping at our shop!” 

We can attest they are great to deal with and always willing to try to remake a previous years design if it was popular but every piece has a unique flair that makes every piece one of a kind.

Shop Alura Furniture


This handy, reclaimed teak stool with an abstract block design is the perfect height drinks, plants or whatever your needs ! 


A pantry-style teak cabinet that would be very at home in a bathroom or a kitchen to store everything from mugs to linens. 


This sturdy storage chest is ideal for decluttering any living space, classic design gives this chest a classic and timeless feel, fitting well in any decor setting.
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