February 24, 2023 2 min read

By: One World Bazaar

Ceramics for Nature Lovers

Nature lovers are always trying to replicate that cozy outdoor atmosphere that they love so much within their own homes. We don’t have any house plants to help with that, but we do have some ceramic tableware and home décor that’ll do the trick!   

Chamnien owns the shop Leela, found in the Chatuchak Weekend Market. They specialize in all things ceramic and make a variety of tableware and home décor pieces including vases, animal figurines and more. It’s a family owned business, but this husband and wife duo are the main people. They were able to study ceramics and continue to expand their knowledge on their own.    

The Process   

When asked where they pull inspiration from, they shared that it has a lot to do with the customers wants, among other things. “Most of the inspiration for the production of home decoration products and tableware are derived from multiple snapshots. Both market demand and what’s popular in each period. In the production of products, there are custom designs applied in addition to what had been seen as popular in many places.”    

 The light shades of greens and blues used in these pieces give off the perfect botanical vibes.  But our favourite piece found this year are definitely the lattice-like bowls.    When asked about their favourite product, they said it was pretty well every piece they make. 

“Like almost every piece of production. Because in the design and production process, we try to meet the needs of any one using it and make them look good too. Even if it's a request from a customer, I'm happy to be able to produce to meet the needs.”

A lot of the materials they use are sourced locally, including the clay and coatings. That has allowed them to continue working throughout the past few difficult years. However, they’ve had to slow production since the market was closed for a while.    

Perks of the Chatuchak Market   

 When asked about what they love about where they are, they shared that they “believe that this place is a large and open space ready for people from many different areas to have the opportunity to make people from both in the country and elsewhere to see products that come from all over Thailand and feel glad that today this area is famous in the world.”  

 So many of our Thai artisans are within the Chatuchak market so we’re very happy that it’s now open again for customers to shop and explore! If you’re looking to add some beautiful ceramic dishes or home décor to your home, we highly recommend browsing pieces from Leela. Especially if you or someone you know loves nature. You can never go wrong with these!     

One World Bazaar
One World Bazaar

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