August 31, 2022 2 min read

The Trunk'cated interview

 When looking for pieces to provide extra storage, you want it to not only be practical but aesthetically pleasing as well. Many try to avoid plastic totes and containers if they can, for environmental reasons and for the lack of character they bring to your space.  

For those who want something unique and functional –
there’s Crafts El Tejaban

Robert Nuno, the owner, has crafted the bright and colourful wooden trunks you’ve undoubtedly seen during a visit to our bazaar. Well, we’re excited to share with you how these pieces are crafted and the stories of the people who make them.


OWB: Can you give us a brief history of your business?

My grandparents were already dedicated to crafts and even carried and marketed the products in other parts of Mexico: Colima, Cozumel, Reynosa, Ciudad Juárez… to name just a few. If I consider the trajectory of my grandparents, I can say that in the family we have dedicated ourselves to crafts for around 80 years, but currently I have about 40 years with this store. 

His sons, Roberto Alonso Nuño Rojo and Jorge Nuño Rojo along with his daughter, Erika Nuño Rojo, help with the business side of things. As for manufacturing, José de la Cruz, Salvador Renteria and Carlos Gutierrez help create the products of Crafts El Tejaban.

OWB: Who taught you how to make your products?

They are traditional trades that have been inherited from generation to generation among the inhabitants of Tonalá. 

Roberto has been finding inspiration from the local artisanal diversity and trades that exist in Tonalá from the beginning.


"The trunks because they are sold all year round and do not go out of style."

$52 -62

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OWB: Can you give us a brief explanation of the manufacturing process of the trunks?

The piece of wood is made according to the design and dimensions. That piece is then painted and the smithy is placed. After that it’s varnished.

OWB: What would you like the people who buy your products to know?

That we feel very proud that people from other parts of the world can have our work!

If you’re looking to add storage pieces to your home, we highly recommend checking out the products that Roberto and his team create!



These pieces make for wonderful end tables and offer great storage, all while bringing a pop of colour to any living space.


Complete with a classic ornate key, these pieces have a rustic yet chic feel to them.
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