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Fashion Forward in Thailand

February 24, 2023 2 min read

Bags on the wall in market stall in Thailand

Thailand Artisan – Fashion Bag 

How many bags are too many bags? 

Asking for a friend.    

When we step into Vilailuck Khosanutham’s shop – Fashion Bag, in the Chatuchak Weekend Market, we usually come to the conclusion that you can never have too many.

 She has so many sizes, colours and patterns to choose from that you’ll likely have a hard time narrowing it down to just one.

For Every Occasion

Work bag, gym bag, school bag, everyday bag… there’s one for anything you can think of. But before Fashion Bag turned into the shop it is today, it started with a woman and her passion for creating. Vilailuck is mostly self taught, studying books and other designs brought in by customers. She would then develop those ideas further with her own touches.     

With fashion trends constantly changing and evolving, we were curious to see how she decides what she’s going to create. She says for the most part she tries to keep an eye on the trends as well as what people are walking around with and wearing.

Making in the Market

It wasn’t possible for her to create new products for quite a while since the market was closed to customers. She was also left with a lot of old stock that she wasn’t able to sell. But thankfully, things have started to reopen. She’s now busy again as business is becoming somewhat steady and has help from her sisters when she needs it.

Even though the market was closed for a few months, she’s still happy to be able to reside in the same place. “It is an ideal place for sales and presentations to both domestic and international markets. I meet a variety of customers, retail and wholesale as well.” We’ve very happy to be able to do business with this shop.

A lot of people look for a bag that makes a statement. Not only do products from Fashion Bag do that, they also come with an amazing story that you now know! So if you pick up something from Fashion Bag the next time you’re at One World Bazaar, be sure to share it’s story with anyone who’s curious!

If bags aren’t your thing, she also makes cute little stuffed animals as well as fun decorations for a nursery! 

Browse a few of the products available from Fashion Bag right here or in-person!

Elephant Ornament with Tassel


These playful elephant ornaments with tassels are handcrafted with indigo fabric in Thailand by local artisans. Kid friendly they are a great addition to any playroom.  Everyone is unique.

One World Bazaar
One World Bazaar

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