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Exlusive Design

We are checking in with our friends at Exclusive Design in Bali.


They were hit hard when the coronavirus cases in Indonesia hit an average of over 5000 cases a day for at least the last 6 months. Business dropped off not just for many of the vendors in the area but tourism across the entire country plummeted. The tourism industry lost 85 Trillion Indonesian rupiahs in tourism revenue in the first half of 2020 alone.   


Buyers, like us, with pre-existing relationships, were able to chat over WhatsApp and email and place orders based on previous years' orders and using photos and videos to look over inventory and make the best decisions possible despite the distance while keeping everyone safe. 


   The last time we chatted we asked him a little about his process and where he gathers his inspiration for his products, where the material comes from, and home it made before it gets sent to our shipper and put on a container bond for the Bazaar.     

 Dodak was originally educated at Udayana University in Kuta Selatan in Bali. Through his lectures and mentoring from his boss, the owner of GDR Company he learned the intricacies of making and designing interior décor and accessories. Where does he get his inspiration we asked him,     

 “ From the internet absolutely, also magazines and when I travel around the city or the world.”  


Most of his raw materials for products come from the various iron and metal shops scattered around Bali and beyond. When it comes to the combination materials that help finish the products off he goes just beyond his region in Bali where a lot of the wood comes from.  

   “For sure the metal objects and iron product. Since we have been dealing with global warming we ignore the woods products, since the world is in trouble for the green issues with the amount of forest we cut down.” 

Dodok mentions when he talks about his favourite products to make and to work on and his concerns on the green impact of his work and the materials he uses in light of the growing threat posed by climate change. 



Still though business was down for our artisans, our vendors, our shippers it was a logistical nightmare. For every 0penny, we saved by not travel to these various countries to do business was spent on highly increased and unpredictable shipping. With many containers being held up for months then taking even longer every step of the way on its way to us.     

 “It’s a big issue here with corona and made me feel pretty down and out. But, luckily my products are special and exclusive, many buyers kept doing business with me even though the rest of the world is in bad trouble, in crisis.” 


Signs are looking up for the 4th most populous country and 10th largest economy in the world. Almost 32 million doses of vaccines have been administered to about 5.8% of the population. The recent announcement by U.S. President Biden that they would be donating 500 million doses to the global fight against the virus hopefully will speed up the process in many of these regions.    
 When asked what he wants our customers to know about the products Dodok and his team make is that he answers below. 




“I want them to be happy for sure. I want (One World Bazaar) coming back for more business with me in the future so if their customers are happy, we are happy!” 

This positive attitude permeates every facet of the business and his life, 

“ When I start to make a new design or product and my design or product is successful and makes lots of people happy and a lot of people love them.”    

 This joy that comes from having his creativity and artistry recognized by his customers is palpable, when they make a purchase or place an order it goes directly to helping him and his family survive.    

 Dodok and his staff are optimistic about the future in Bali though and that tourists will come back soon to this magical place. 

“The best thing in here Bali where I live is the beach, it is so beautiful and my social culture as well, all is the very best in my place. The tourist will journey back”    

 We know will be back to Bali and this special shop as soon as it is safe to do so and to buy more of Dodok and his team's amazing products.     

You can check out  the unique offerings of  Exlusive Designs in the fall when the Bazaar opens! 

Shauna Wiseman
Shauna Wiseman

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