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On the Road Again - Guadalajara

January 13, 2022 2 min read

On the Road Again - Guadalajara

ON the road again

Well here we are, almost two years later, and this wanderluster is back on a plane headed south!

A quick trip to mexico

By: Anneka Bakker

Leaving their country after one of the longest stints of not travelling in their life!  · It just felt right that Mexico was our first destination to visit since the pandemic grounded us. One of our all-time favourite places to go, you’re guaranteed to have great food, music, and architecture. The people are friendly, the language is easy to get by with some broken Spanish, and it’s safe (yes, it’s true, just don’t go looking for trouble).  ·

With the wrap up of the Bazaar, there’s a short window between Black Friday and Christmas where we’re able to jet off for a short buy. Mexico is the perfect place to do so as it can be done in about a week and it can be easy to add a little bit of down time to recharge after a very busy last six months.  · 

Traveling was surprisingly pretty straight forward. With the small exception of a couple extra hoops to jump through like getting the right tests at the right time, overall it was quick, there was little traffic in airports, and it was good to be back!  ·

Arriving in Guadalajara felt like I was coming home in some ways. We’ve been traveling there and staying at the same hotel for over 12 years and the staff and artisans have become friends of ours. The last two years have been hard on all of them and it’s good for everyone to feel like a new normal is building and that there’s renewed hope.  · 

My first night there was the celebration of el Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe which officially starts Christmas celebrations and holidays. Just as one would expect, it was met with fireworks, music in the streets and the whole community out to enjoy.   · 

The next morning was an early start, waking up to some calling roosters and the western sun poking up. It kick started me to get to town for a busy market day, and start knocking away on the jam-packed purchasing schedule. 

The highlight is always reconnecting with the artisans in person, getting caught up with how they are and how they’re getting through the challenges COVID has presented. It’s always a pleasure to be able to come back to them with repeat business and continue our relationship.  ·

The region of Tonala in eastern Guadalajara is designated as an artisanal hub. So many beautiful things are made within such a small area, as well as bringing so many makers to one place every week. You can find everything from one of a kind furniture, to palm decor pieces, and intricately made ceramics; of course expect bright colours on everything! · 

Guadalajara‘s full of vibrancy, there’s big music, incredible food and a unique liveliness.  · Stay tuned of more stories from Mexico in upcoming blogs and social. I’ll speak to how we do business, the unreal food, Guadalajara as a destination on your next trip south, and more!  

Come along for the adventure!  

Anneka Bakker
Anneka Bakker

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