September 20, 2021 3 min read

If you are importing or exporting goods overseas, shipping containers are a great option for transport. They offer numerous benefits in regards to logistics, handling, supply chain management, and warehousing. Below are the top 5 benefits of shipping containers.

They Can be Used to Transport a Wide Range of Products

Shipping containers offer versatility in the type of materials they can be used to transport. They can be used for transporting both raw materials and finished goods. For example, non-perishable foods, refrigerated perishable goods, minerals, heavy equipment and machinery, retail products, etc. They can also be used for transporting hazardous goods and liquids such as hydrocarbons and chemicals.

They offer a large storage capacity for bulkier items while smaller items can be bundled up into smaller steel boxes then loaded into the larger container. Their shape and sizes optimize staking capacity on the various modes of transport. For instance, they can be double-stacked on trains or ships.

They Offer Transportation Versatility 

Shipping containers can be transported using different modes e.g. rail, road, or waterway. Since their design and labeling is ISO certified, they are suitable for transporting goods both within a country and across borders, over long or short distances.

They Offer Lower Transportation Costs

Containers optimize cost by leveraging economies of scale, especially when transporting many items. Typically, the minimum weight per container is one tonne. Once packaged and loaded, all the items are considered single shipping. The shipping charges are per container rather than per item, which significantly lowers the total costs.

Easy Storage

Shipping containers are in themselves warehouses. They are made of high-quality material that protects your goods against theft, harsh climatic conditions, and handling impacts. As such, you do not require expensive packaging material for your goods.  Also, upon arrival at the destination, they do not have to be stored in enclosed spaces.

Optimal Safety and Security

Once a container is locked, you cannot open it until it arrives at the designated destination. This reduces the risk of theft or tampering. Since most are made from steel, it is difficult to break into the shipping container. Besides, they are fitted with a strong locking mechanism, which prevents goods from accidentally spilling. Some shipping companies install an Internet of Things (IoT) device and a computerized system on their containers for easy tracking. 

Numerous Logistics Companies to Work With

If you choose to transport your good with shipping containers, there are numerous logistics and shipping companies to work with in Canada and across the world. Research various prospective companies to establish their level of professionalism and credibility. When checking their reviews, look out for what customers complain about in the critical reviews. 

Then get their freight rate quotes and compare them against other companies to get the best. You don’t have to go for the lowest rate, rather a rate that offers the greatest value for money. For instance, one shipping company’s quote may be slightly expensive but they provide insurance in their package.

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One World Bazaar
One World Bazaar

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