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Snowflake Obsidian & Lavastone Mala Beads - 6mm

Wear this necklace on your daily ventures, or as a prayer/focus beaded necklace, helping you pray, meditate, or even do yoga. The special properties of the chosen stones are what make the necklace all that it is… Since special gemstones and beads have spiritual and healing properties, wearing this mala necklace might just be what you need to have a better and happier day. Snowflake Obsidian is a type of Obsidian that gets its “snowflakes” from inclusions of the white mineral, Cristobalite.

Bold and black, obsidian is a protective stone that absorbs negativity, offering strength for grounding and clarity. This volcanic glass forms when molten lava cools rapidly and is mined worldwide for its deep black colour and sharp edges


  • Handmade In Bali, Indonesia 
  • Free of lead & toxins
  • 32" length
  • 6mm beads

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