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Warehouse, Maintenance and Display Assistant

mars 31, 2023 2 lecture minimale

One World Bazaar is looking to add to our team. Currently searching for a Warehouse, Maintenance and Display Assistant. It's a great job for a recent grad, or perhaps a new retiree as it's seasonal work Spring - December. We have a truly wonderful team and look forward to adding this member to the family.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Assist Warehouse Lead with inventory management and warehouse operations 


  • Keep warehousing spaces organized and sorted 
  • Implement improvements in warehouse organization, sorting and storage as directed


Display Operations



  • Work with the Display Leads on display operations: fasten large pieces in high up locations, assist in the physical needs of display creation, etc. 
  • Assist in replenishing displays to maximize product turnover during the sale 
  • Comfortable on a ladder and responsible for taking down products during the sale for customers at the request of area leads



Maintenance work


  • Working as directed by Lead to ensure the property and spaces are properly maintained, tidy, and safe 
  • Assisting in setup for the fall season and assisting vendors with their setups as required


Other responsibilities include:



  • Provide exceptional customer service while overseeing a department of the business during our seasonal Fall sale.
  • Be a positive and helpful addition to a small organization that is doing great things! 



Skills, Qualifications & Experience



  • Extremely self-motivated, a hard worker, and has a knack for doing things efficiently. 
  • Experience operating and using basic machinery and tools such as: hammers, saws & drills, riding lawn mower & whipper snipper, post hole diggers, and driving a truck with trailer, tractor, etc. 
  • Strong time management and organization skills required  
  • Retail experience, display experience and keen attention to detail 
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to adapt to changing volumes and pace of work - Other related experience to the listed duties and responsibilities



Physical Demands


Must be able to perform the physical demands of the position’s work tasks.  These include but are not limited to: 



  • Working outdoors during all seasons and weather conditions (cold, heat, rain, snow)
  • Moving awkward and heavy equipment, materials and product 
  • Frequent climbing and frequent lifting 
  • Must be able to safely lift loads of 80lbs -Standing for extended periods of time





The schedule is highly seasonal and dependent on the timing of shipments coming from overseas.



  •  During the spring-early summer anticipate part-time hours 3.5-5 days/week, then increasing to full-time mid Summer - end of November. 
  • During the busy seasons (September-November), it may be necessary to work six days a week



Additional Info: There is no public transit to our location; you are required to have your own transportation.

Job Type:


Hourly Wage:

Compensation pursuant to experience.

shauna wiseman
shauna wiseman

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