When the business was started in 1981, the term "Third World" had been popularized as a term of self-empowerment by Indonesian President Sukarno. It was intended to represent a 'third way forward' for newly independent states; an alternative to the 'First World' capitalist west, and 'Second World' communist east. As the term 'Third World' has taken on new meaning through time, we wanted to ensure that the Bazaar respected this, and evolved appropriately.

We hope One World Bazaar better captures the essence of our business and what we stand for; bringing the world together, showcasing the beauty of handcrafted goods and celebrating the cultural vibrancy we find throughout our travels.

We hope you'll join us in welcoming the new name, and celebrating with us this season, and beyond!


We buy the majority of our products directly from the artisans and craftspeople in the source countries.

Since 2004, the Bakker family has traveled to, and purchased directly from producers, in Kenya, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand Cambodia, Turkey, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba. We also supplement our inventory with purchases from Canadian based wholesalers who travel to other countries. Where possible we attempt to buy from importers with similar business practices and who are certified Fair Trade. We also source certain craft items from Canadian producers directly.

During our travels we attempt to source products that reflect our interest in culture, craftsmanship and history. The world is a varied and interesting place with many different things to offer; we hope you can find something that reflects your interests as well, at the One World Bazaar.


In our effort to limit unnecessary waste, and particularly plastics, you will notice that many goods will be packaged in reused products. Our recent trip to Kenya highlighted how far along some countries are in this battle. In 2017, Kenya banned all plastic bags and a large amount of single use plastic products. The effects have been drastic with significant improvements to pollution and waste management capacity.

Shipping product around the world involves a lot of packing materials. Every year we have made a concerted effort to reuse as much of the original packing material as possible. This does involve a little extra work and organization on our part, but it also reduces costs, lowers waste and enables us to keep our prices low. We hope you will understand and appreciate why your art work is wrapped in reused paper.

The Artisans

 All of the pieces found at the Bazaar are made by someone. That someone is an integral part to why, and how we’re able to do business. We’re honoured to be able to showcase their incredible craftsmanship while also providing a living wage. These are some of the artisans who have brought their gifts into our homes.

Our Products

Working directly with artisans, we source unique home décor, clothing, furniture, art, linens and jewellery pieces that are sure to add colour and flair to every space and every wardrobe.

Check out our collections to find that one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to you.

Don't take our word for it


One World Bazaar is a World shopping Icon in the Ottawa area. It is a must visit in the fall season to find amazing clothing, crafts, furniture and unique products from all over our wonderful world. The staff are always willing to help and assist with whatever your interests are. We stock up on our annual Christmas gifts and decoration decor for our home. If you haven't been to the One World Bazaar, you haven't seen the world in Ottawa. This is a must see and must visit place on our annual fall calendar.

Todd P.

Absolutely astounding place! So many unique and wonderfully crafted items and the staff is beyond wonderful! I go here every year and always see different, quality things and the staff are always spectacular! Can't say enough praise for them and it is a wonderful experience! Great for treating yourself and for getting gifts for others! If I could give 100 stars, I would.

K Allen

This is an annual tradition and I love it. Yeah, you tend to blow your budget, but it goes to artisans, which is a big deal to me. Fun and exciting, educational and inspirational.

Micaylah G.

This place is amazing! It's like a trip around the world. There are ceramics, wood and glass dishes of all sizes. Drift wood sculptures and ceramic pots painted in a variety of colours. They have beautiful embroidered pillow cases and table runners. And the prices fit all pockets.

Marina C.

Great products/items from all around the world. Have returned every year for past several years. Always bring out of town family and friends when I can. I also always advertise via word of mouth. Staff are also always friendly, informative and most helpful.

William R.