Un sens commercial pour l'encens - Toophorm Oratai

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There’s a lot of experimenting that happens in their shop! They’re always trying out new colours and fragrances to see which ones do the best. All of the raw materials are sourced locally and micro-batches are produced at their production site just outside of Bangkok.

Retour au début avec des perles de pierre

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“it's the birthplace of people to start businesses. It's easy to start. It's an area with a variety of people and a lot of products. I want you to try and get to know Chatuchak Market. The work and ideas from people in the market are diverse. They have come to support people who have come to start anew.”

Céramique surréaliste de CVB Ceramic

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“The inspiration for designing a piece is often derived from imitation of nature. Things around in nature. Symbols representing Thai culture, but there are some that are designed according to the needs of customers as well.”

U-Dom-Suk - Le business des sacs

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They make various styles including big tote bags, backpacks, fanny packs and smaller over the shoulder purses. All the materials used to make these bags are locally sourced, Preeda and Yuwadi place orders with suppliers throughout different provinces within Thailand.

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