The Stage

Become a Vendor

One World Bazaar celebrates uniqueness and talent, seeking out exceptional vendors and performers that can captivate our audience. If you possess creativity and talent that stands out, we invite you to join our vibrant vendor community.

Over the course of our 8 weekends in the fall we offer limited space for food vendors. All food vendors are required to have their own food safety certificates.

As well we love to highlight local talented performers whether that be musicians, dancers, artist on our open stage.

We certainly put an empathize on cultural offerings, especially if they are during our showcase weekends.

If you are looking for a unique and consistent place in beautiful rural Ottawa to showcase your culinary or performance talents then fill out the form below to embark on your journey with One World Bazaar.

Dance with Passion

Showcase your talent on One World Bazaar's dynamic stage! Whether you're a dancer or performer, our market is the perfect platform to captivate our audience. Join us during our showcase weekends and let your creativity shine. Fill out the form below to become a part of our vibrant vendor community.

Sing & Perform

Calling all musicians and bands! Bring your melodies to life on One World Bazaar's open stage. With a focus on local talent and diverse musical styles, our market offers a unique opportunity to enchant our visitors. Join us during our 8 weekends in the fall and share your music with our audience. Fill out the form below to join our musical journey.

Share Culinary Delights

Delight our guests' taste buds at One World Bazaar! We're seeking food and drink vendors who offer exceptional flavors and cultural offerings. With limited space available, we prioritize vendors with unique culinary creations. All food vendors must have their own food safety certificates. If you're ready to showcase your culinary talents in rural Ottawa, fill out the form below to join our culinary adventure.

Interested in being part of the Bazaar?

Consider the following; What are you offering? Are you a performer, food vendor or other? Have you visited us before? How many weekends can you commit to?

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