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Content Creation, E-commerce, and Operations Assistant

mars 31, 2023 3 lecture minimale


You’re an adventurer who has lots of creative ideas and understands the steps needed to make it all happen in an efficient manner. You’ve perhaps worked for other small businesses, and know what a solid day's work looks like. Whether in your personal or professional life, you’re familiar with social media platforms and the latest engagement trends. You’re ready to join a team where we all work together to offer a truly unique experience to our customers and online followers.  


  • You’ll assist with in-store operations, receiving, handling, pricing, quality control and display preparation.    
  • You’ll work with the Marketing Lead to create engaging campaigns and content for all marketing channels (written, design, photo and video components), identify and collaborate with influencers, and identify partnership opportunities. Monitor and report on metrics.    
  • Help run the Shopify e-commerce platform, including inventory management, customer service, and order fulfillment.    
  • Help communicate to our audiences and customers using both English and French, proofing French translations on the website and help expand marketing efforts in French.    
  • During the Bazaar season, help to run special events, coordinate with vendors/performers and capture the atmosphere of the Bazaar for our social channels.    
  • During the busy fall season you’ll be helping on the floor in an assigned section participating in inventory restock, merchandising, and customer service.    
  • Having excellent attention to detail, a positive attitude, acting in the best interests of the business and providing exceptional customer service are all keys to success in this role.


  • Be an important part of operations in helping in the receiving, handling, pricing, quality checks and display preparation.    
  • Help with general operations and preparation of the Bazaar for selling season.  
  • When we are open to the public, you’ll be on the ‘floor’ educating customers on products, overseeing an area of the Bazaar.  
  • You’ll participate in annual inventory and tear down responsibilities.


  • Support the development of a marketing and content plan for the year. Help in the execution of this plan in coordination with the Lead and other team members.    
  • Build on our online community from the currently highly engaged and familiar, to new markets – through social media channels, video, email, and our blog.    
  • Assist in identifying and collaborating with influencers, identifying partnership and giveaway opportunities. Monitoring and reporting on metrics. · Stay up to date on trends in terms of layout and aesthetics and lend those ideas to website, instore and on social media where applicable.    
  • Leading in creating content in line with current trends, optimizing traffic, followers, and ultimately action. This includes an emphasis on videos (long and short form), writing content, emails, running promotions, taking photos/videos, creating graphics, and reporting on the related metrics; always presenting the next steps to growth for various channels.    
  • Working in both official languages where applicable.

Ecommerce (25%)

  • Provide assistance to ecommerce operations, control, and optimization. 
  • Take the lead on the fulfillment of orders and oversee quality control, and customer service. 
  • Help to manage ecommerce inventory and organization. Understand inventory of the brick-and-mortar store and assist in identifying products that should be moved between the branches.

Knowledge Required

Familiarity with Google Drive Suite, Airtable, Shopify, Adobe editing software, Canva, TikTok, Meta platforms and business suite, Pinterest.

Hourly Wage:

From $15.50/hr + dependent on experience

One World Bazaar
One World Bazaar

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