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mars 15, 2023 2 lecture minimale

our 2010 

buying trip

 to india

In February of 2010 we visited the incredible country of India. Eighteen days does not give the country justice, but it did give us a good feel for Delhi and the province of Rajasthan. The product variety is immense, the workmanship amazing and the quality strong. In Delhi we were able to source some wonderful glass products, silk scarves and ceramic products. Jodhpur is a fantastic source of furniture, and those hand painted Rajasthani cabinets that so many of you have asked us for. Jaisalmer, the sandcastle city in the middle of the Dhar Desert was a great source of linens, wool pashminas, musical instruments, and jewelled tapestries. In Jaipur we were able to find more linens, ceramics, and fantastic camel hair carpets.  We are confident you will be impressed with our Indian purchases.

Trains are the way to experience India.  While on one of our rides Peggy and Dick wrote the two short observations below.

Peggy - 

India, the destination that has drawn explorers, traders, mystics and empires for centuries! 

 But, it is not to be seen, rather, it is to be experienced. 

In one view - splendor, decay, smell, taste; while overhead a supersonic fighter jet. 

India, home of friendly people, efficient but chaotic trains, fantastic architecture, worn neighbourhoods, confident cows! 

India, the Experience!

Dick - 

Constant contrasts, 

Senses are alive; 

Land needing water, 

Animals needing a home; 

Eye contact and wonderment, 

Both sides trying to imagine the other; 

Gracious, Kindness and Enthusiasm 

That is what I felt in … Incredible India.

Check out some great products from india!


$14.95 - $48

These lanterns are made from glass and metal framing. These pieces make for great, classy decoration in any room, with or without an illuminated candle.

Flour Sack Towels 

$5.95 -$12.95

These flour sack printed kitchen towels are made from 100% cotton. With a variety of designs, these stylish towels are a great addition to any kitchen.

Cozy Cotton PJS, 


Handcrafted in India, these cotton pajama pants are a bedtime staple and make the perfect cozy gift for friends and family. They come with a handy bag for storage!
Peggy %26 Dick Bakker
Peggy %26 Dick Bakker

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