Every piece of furniture in our furniture collection is truly one-of-a-kind.

From the growing of the trees to the hand carving of them into beautiful pieces of furniture, great care is taken by the artisans to get it right.

Teak is known for its durability, consistent quality and beautiful natural tones. It grows in temperate climates with lots of rainfall and sunlight. Many pieces in this collection use this gorgeous wood.

Sono wood from Thailand is naturally hollow, providing ample opportunity to be that incredible statement piece. 

We have a stunning console table with ornate carvings unique to Balinese culture. A reclaimed boat shelf made of an actual Indonesian fishing boat. A stool made entirely of bicycle parts and so many more unique items that will truly liven up any living space.

We hope you enjoy shopping this collection as much as we enjoyed buying, photographing and curating it for you!

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